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GLUELESS WIGS-Do you really know what ‘no glue’ in a glueless wig means to you?

For us and many others, wigs are more than just another accessory or “fashion piece”—many people will wear a wig for a variety of personal reasons. Some wear them in order to enhance their appearance, to conceal hair loss, to obtain unlimited hairstyles considerably conveniently, to protect their natural hair, greatly reduce the cost of trial and error in trying new hairstyles and styles, and so on.

Unlike the ordinary lace wigs that need to make the front of the lace close to the scalp, and then fix it on the head with glue in order to make the wig look more natural and realistic, glueless lace wigs are like their name, no need to use glue during the wig installation.When wigs are labeled as glueless, it means it doesn't require glue to stay attached to your scalp. This type of wig usually comes with pre-existing clips and adjustable bands inside its monofilament cap.

Alipop guleless human-hair-wigs-with-bangs-curly-fringe-wig

This type of wig which has a special construction that doesn't require any adhesive, makes it much easier to put on and take off. Glueless wigs mimic a natural hairline, which helps prevent hair loss and breakage. Because they do not contain glue, they are also ideal for people with sensitive skin, as they do not contain foreign chemicals that can irritate their scalp.Plus, glueless wigs tend to be more comfortable and breathable than their glued counterparts. If you're suffering from hair loss, it is best to choose a glueless wig.This type of wig also has the advantage of being easy to remove and clean. Its versatility makes it a perfect companion for women who need a wig for hair thinning or hair loss.

In fact, this wig is the preference of many women because of their glueless functions. Not all women are seeking for long-term wear. Many of them just wear to improve their beauty or want to change their styles frequently. Glueless wigs, therefore, can meet all their requirements, they can apply, remove and change into another wig quickly and easily.

Moreover, some may get allergic or irritated to the glue or adhesive for the lace wigs, so the glueless wigs will be the solution for it. If you are a new user of full lace wigs, the glueless version may be good for a starter.

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