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How to dye a lace front wig without damaging it

Do you buy the lace front wig frequently? You must understand that popular hairstyles and hair colors change almost all the time. Maybe your wig has just arrived and the most popular styles have changed, so what should you do? Coloring wigs are a popular way to keep yourself on the cutting edge of fashion hair colors. Unfortunately, in the process of dyeing your wig, it is possible to damage the lace of your wig, if you want to know how to dye your wig without damaging the lace, don't miss this article.

You can color your lace front wig without having it turn an unnatural color. The first thing to check is that it is actually 100% virgin human hair then dye as you would normal hair. Dyeing a wig may not produce the best results if it is synthetic hair or semi natural. I advise you to do a lot of care after coloring, so that the hair keeps its shine. Apply one mask per week to keep hair silky. Be careful not to dye your cape, as it can also be dyed if you find it too light or too dark by dyeing your cape from the inside. It is recommended that you perform this operation by a professional if you have any doubts.

Secondly, not all wigs can be dyed, in fact, and dyeing a wig in the wrong way is a big mistake and can be costly. It is the best choice light colored wigs for dyeing because the lighter the hair colour, the easier it is to colour the wig, just like suger honey blonde. Honestly, it's not too light, but it's easy enough to apply and even if you don't dye it, the colour wig itself blends well with your outfit and make-up alone.This also prevents damage to the wig in the process of coloring your wig.After all, if you choose the natural colour wig to colour, in order to stylish effect can be as far as possible to achieve the results of your heart or the effect you want, you had better bleach it or use other methods to make his hair colour lighter, and this process will cause some irreversible damage to your beloved wig products.

Finally, We dye the wig just to change the colour of the wig on hand according to our wishes, but it is best not to change the colour of the lace side, which will better ensure that the lace can blend well with our scalp before and after the wig is dyed. So before we dye the wig, we can apply some protective products to the lace surface that will block the dye, such as Vaseline.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas you can share them with us in the comments section.

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