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How to wear 360 lace wig

Due to the development of the wig market, the various hairstyle of wig products has emerged as the times have come. Since the lace front wigs can not meet people's needs for a variety of hairstyles (some hairstyle designs may lead to the wig's exposure) Therefore, a new type of wig product, the lace wig, was born.

It can effectively solve the embarrassing events exposed by the wig, and let people have more hairstyles that can be freely chosen. However, unlike the lace front wigs, you know that How to wear 360 lace wig? Please read the following text carefully to ensure that the 360 lace wig is properly worn.

Correct wearing method of 360 lace wig

First, smooth the fake hair. (The method of combing is very particular, you can use a comb or a finger to straighten out them.) Then, start wearing it. The curly hair and the straight hair are the same way to wear, but the straight hair is best assisted, otherwise unless you use the card, the following hair is equal to suicide, which will make you very bad and will damage you to a large extent. Wig.

Even if you have a lot of hair, please put your hair completely into the hair net, try to use a tight hairnet, otherwise, it will be easy to reveal the hair after wearing the 360 lace wig.

Look down, then find the middle part of the front of the 360 lace front wigs, press it on the front of the straight bang, if it is straight hair wig, please pour the hair forward, then pull the back of the fake hair and put the real hair completely inside. Then grab the hair that fell in front and slowly put it behind.

Straighten up and let the wigs be naturally vertical, especially straight hair. Don't think that you are taking some hair ads, combing them like an advertisement and then squatting, then you may want to save a wig factory.

Finally, please comb the 360 lace wig, the method is the same as before wearing, the long hair of more than 1 meter must be operated with the help of others, otherwise, you will get more and more chaotic. If it is static, use a comb dampened with water and gently comb.


Please note that 360 lace wig has a very wide coverage of the scalp, and it also has a 180% density wig can be customized, if you choose this more wig volume, please be careful, Be patient, be careful not to damage your wig. If you have anything to do, please consult the seller's customer service as soon as possible and seek their help instead of arbitrarily playing with your 360 lace wig, you may be hurting it. Good luck for you!

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