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Install HD Lace Wigs With Our Simple Guide

Some people call it Transparent lace wigs, these are not equivalent wigs, the installation method is the same. If you are good at weaving your hair, you can easily fix it, if not, you'd better find a well-known hairdresser in your local place to try to do it for you.
HD Lace Wigs
Firstly, Open the HD lace wigs you order, and put it in the proper place you would like to fix it. Then you should use some clips to form the lace wig stable on your head. Usually, customers wish to purchase free part lace wigs which may divide into side-way or middle-part as their wish. Because the color of lace is HD which is invisible and undetectable, you're not afraid the color doesn’t match together with your skin. If you would like the color is similar to your skin, you'll use some cosmetics to switch it.

Secondly, clip the lace wig on your braids line on your head, it's clear that you simply won’t make mistakes. Adjust the position on your head to make the proper look and place, then after you finished, you'll do the backside. Please don’t sew the forehead which can make the hair very natural.
HD Transparent Lace Wig
Meanwhile, don’t so tighten, it'll cause you to feel not comfortable. confirm the road stays down and plays all the way from the highest until enough on the brink of the rear of the wigs. To form the knots underneath the wigs and you'll twist your arm that the needle through there and you'll pull which in essence thread to form a knot without the needle being thereon to form it safer and more reliable doing an equivalent thing to the opposite side. But you've got to use some force to the closure to form the closure lay flat on your head.

The closure or frontal won’t buckle up within the middle. After sewing all 2 sides, you ought to move your focus towards the rear of the front part. When overlapping you tie a knot to secure the stitch and you'll devour with the other direction you previously came from and this is often referred to as backstitching. That’s basically what we’re doing to our closure we’re taking a backstitch.

Once your hair wig is installed down, there still more to try to adjust your wigs. To make sure the hairline is natural, you'll pluck a couple of hairs not necessary, trim a baby hair or bangs you like. Some customers thought the thicker the better, actually not, to form your wig more natural, you ought to pluck some hair to make layers. If there still some messy hair, you'll trim it to form your wigs neat and clean.

At last, you'll cut the extra lace which not necessary, please confirm safe and trim it during a fine condition. Then you'll use some glue to sticky it if necessary. you'll also make some baby hair or bang which makes your wig seems real and natural.
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