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Tips for Maintaining Your 5x5 Lace Closure Wig While Sleeping.

Would You Sleep In your 5x5 Lace closure Wigs? Lace closure wigs provide women with an opportunity to look stylish, especially if they are experiencing hair loss or just having a bad hair day. A good-looking closure lace wig can capture everyone’s attention when you walk into a room.

If you are new to wig-wearing, then you are probably wondering if you can sleep in them. To be honest, sleeping in your wig is not generally recommended by wig experts. However, it’s possible to sleep in your front lace wig. Yet, the friction between your wig’s hair and pillow can decrease the longevity of your wig, unless you take extra precautions such as covering your wig with a silk cap and tying it into a ponytail.When you know removing it before you doze off just ain’t gonna happen, follow these tips to protect your wig during sleep.

Detangle your hair with a brush

Before you sleep in your lace front wig, you need to brush it thoroughly to remove tangles. There are various types of brushes that you can use to achieve your desired results. Moreover, brushing your hair can prevent it from becoming tangled or developing knots which can make brushing the hair more difficult later on.

Apply moisturizer or styling lotion into your wig; Wrap your head

Whether your wig is human hair or synthetic, it’ll be damaged by too much friction. Friction can deteriorate the fibers and cause a loss of hair over time. It also leads to tangles, frizz, and dryness, all of which are a pain.

To protect your wig from friction, lay the hair flat against your head and pin or tie it into place. Then, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf. This will keep your unit in place while also protecting it from friction. Make sure that every inch of your hair is tucked in; and cover all your hair wig with a nightcap, specifically a silk cap because silk is smooth and body-friendly. Finally sleep on a satin pillowcase with hapiness.

In the next morning, ntie your head wrap and style the wig. Depending on the type of fiber or hair that the wig is made from, you may use heated styling tools.

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